Monday, March 2, 2009


I am reviewing a few of the new Netbooks that are floating around out there. Trying to see the real value in them. They are definitely cheaper for schools that are primarily Macs, but how much cheaper are they than your cheapest laptop...Not much. But these are the new wave that has hit the market. I question Apple for not jumping in and creating one of their own, but I guess they have their iPods and are going to stick with them. I think if I had to choose at this point, I would rather have an iTouch than a netbook. I do see the value of the netbook because it is a cheaper model of laptop, so you can get more of them into the kids' hands, but for a person who doesn't like working on windows machines, it would seem to be a headache to implement them in a Mac environment. Kids will make the switch no problem, but you have teachers that are going to have to teach with them, and they aren't so adaptive.

When I first got one of these to review, I thought they were the coolest thing and let my mind wonder to how they could be used. But then reality set in, and I'm not so sure now. Sure they are cool, and it would be neat to have one, but a lot of our teachers still use cd games, and with no cd drive, that throws that option out the window. And for my home use that would probably be a good thing to have also. Not that there aren't plenty of games for them to play online.

The ones that I am looking at are the Asus, HP, and M & A Technology ones. Each has its pros but right now I really like how the Asus stacks up. I have also been hearing and reading very good things about this particular brand. This is something I would like to see in action within a school district before I actually sign off on the idea.

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